Real Estate Report:: Modern Venice Beach House, $3.699M


It’s not every day a house by modernist master Antoine Predock comes on the market, but this one’s been languishing, unbought for about six months and reduced by $351K.

The Basics: A 3-bedroom, 3-bath house on the beach in Venice.

Not So Basic: Where to start? It was designed and built between 1990 and 1992 by Antoine Predock, an architect with something of a cult following. This being Venice, it also has parking for six cars, but there are a few elements that take it beyond: an immense pivoting window, a black granite waterfall along the public path, and a series of grand steps up to the roof. It’s sometimes referred to as the Douroux House, after its original owner, but most people just call it The Venice House. Like you should know immediately what it is.

Above, the unfurnished living room. The niche in the center has a thin slit of glass, the perfect place for your household gods/goddesses. The house has since been staged for sale in a kind of modernist shabby chic, but I’d be happy to wake up here in a sleeping bag on the floor:

And it’s got a swell new “Predock Approved” new kitchen. Plus handsome baths and lots of filtered light. The house is a good neighbor, with the street side playing nicely with the neighbors.

Lots more pictures at the listing (below) and more about Antoine Predock here. The top photo is from LA Modern Architecture, an outstanding site for browsing Los Angeles’ built heritage. The house previously appeared at Curbed LA.

2315 Oceanfront, Venice  [Redfin]

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