Real Estate Report: Koi Get Lucky in Sausalito, $3.5M


Marin County’s Sausalito is full of quirky mid-century houses. This one’s renovation takes it completely over the top.


The Basics: A two-bedroom, four-bath single story house from 1961 on an acre-and-a-half with wide-open views, asking $3.5M.

Not So Basic: It’s one of those no surface left untouched renovations, and probably the most expensive two-bedroom house in Marin County. Taking a simple, asymmetrical  mid-century house of redwood and adobe blocks, the owners have added new layers of sleek finishes. and while the staging is clueless, someone with a rigorous eye could make this a really great setting. Plus a nice home for some very lucky koi. The realtor calls it “a work of art”, and for once, brokerbabble isn’t far from the truth.

Above, the immense foyer/fish farm/library with bluestone paving. Below, the living room a few steps up, with a sofa pushed up against the low wall. The lighting is very serious.

There’s radiant heating throughout. Below, one view of the skylit kitchen, decked out in rosewood and ebony and the expected luxe appliances. A finely-crafted kitchen no one will ever dare make a mess in- more pictures of it at the listing.

We don’t know much about the original architect, Reece Clark, except he was a graduate of UC Berkeley’s architecture school in 1954, and he seems to have absorbed at lot of what was in the air around that time. The adobe blocks he used here are uncommon on the Bay Area; they were actually manufactured in Madera and can be seen in many Central Valley houses and commercial projects from the ‘sixties. Below, another view of the house form the back:

Listing: A Work of Art  [Frank Howard Allen]

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