Real Estate Report: Sleek, Modern and Not a MacMansion, $3.35M


The hills of Marin County are littered with crappy stucco MacMansions. Here’s an exception in San Anselmo.

The Basics: A four-bedroom, four-bath plus a powder room, multi-level contemporary house built in 2009 and asking $3.35M.

Not So Basic: Possibly a luxury spec house, it came on the market in August, 2009 and closed for $2.75M in December of that year after what looks like a few false starts and failed contingencies. 2009 was a tough year, and most likely the house had been designed, approved and permitted in 2008. Returned to the market two weeks ago and looking for an optimistic profit of $600K. Still, it’s a swell house and very up to the moment. No clue as to the architect or designer.

Above, the main living space. The gladiolas are a mistake, but it’s got very high ceilings and limestone floors. The jury is out on the retro orange banquettes.

Along the length of the living room, a patio set into the hill with poured-concrete retaining walls. It would probably make a great outdoor dining room and the walls could be covered in ficus pumila in a few years. Is there room for a pizza oven? Below, a kitchen big enough to hang out in, between the dining room and family/media room. Although with the kitchen on the second floor above the garage, a house this expensive could have easily been built with an elevator or dumbwaiter.

Plus we like that very little concession has been made to lawn except for a small plot off the family room, below, and the rest of the two acre lot is open meadow and oaks. 

Kudos to the realtor for such great pictures, and there are more at his site.

Listing: 350 Oak Avenue, San Anselmo  [Redfin]


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