Real Estate Report: Mid-Century Blank Canvas to the Stars



The clean lines of this 1967 condominium building between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills offer a lot of design opportunities along with great views.

The Basics: A two-bedroom, 2.5-bath apartment on the top and 31st floor of Sierra Towers, completely renovated, and asking $3.495M.

Not So Basic: The Sierra Towers- which despite being referred to in the plural is only one tower- dates back to 1967, or maybe 1965. Sources vary. What we do know is that by the early part of this century the building was best known for its geriatric but old-school-Hollywood tenants. Along came realtor-to-the-stars Russ Filice, who rebranded the building, got the facilities upgraded, and started marketing the units to stars like Lindsay Lohan, plus investors and buyers with and emphasis on its security and mid-century vibe. Elton John has a place there, so does Cher, but in most cases the owners are low-profile and the renovations seamless. This is one of the best, enough open space for a roller derby, having lost a bedroom in the renovation. Fear not, the bedroom’s carpeted. Great views north and west to the Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

One of the great things about Sierra Towers is the potential flexibility of the floor plans, plus the ability to put recessed lighting and sound systems above the ceiling.  Thats said, most of the kitchens and all the baths are windowless. Below, the original layout of  31o5 (lifted from Russ Filice’s Sierra Towers website.)

The balconies don’t extend around the corners, and the deep overhang shades the rooms while framing the view. Wonder if anyone’s been inspired to fill that shallow ledge with water and make it a reflecting pool.


Above, the dining room at night. Lots more pictures at the listing. with great baths and a very sleek kitchen. There are other units available in Sierra Towers, including #1805, thirteen floors directly below this one, and asking $2.395M. There’s an amazing variety of vintage interiors in the building, hidden away until their elderly owners move on to other venues, including one that managed to recreate a Nantucket cottage with weathered barn siding and duck decoys. Good times.

Listing: 9255 Doheny Road #3105, West Hollywood  [Redfin]


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