Real Estate Report: Paris/Nob Hill Mash-up, $1.295M



San Francisco’s housing stock isn’t all Victorians or late-model modern condos. Here’s one imported from 19th Century Paris.

The Basics: A two-bed, two-bath condominium, with two-car parking and a doorman, built in 1991 in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood. Asking $1.295M with monthly HOA dues of $2221.34.

Not So Basic: It’s in a wedding cake of a building called the Montaire. San Francisco’s been called the most “European” of American cities, a metaphorical double-edged sword meaning it’s not like other Americans. Here we have a direct imitation of apartment houses built in Paris’ quietly swank 16th Arrondissment at the end of the 19th Century, with a porte-cochere (aka a covered driveway) and a lobby that would suit a boutique hotel. The exterior’s well-detailed and sort of hilarious- what’s going on in that open colonnade on top?- and probably clad in cast stone panels to look like French limestone. It’s only got twenty units, so this must be one of the smaller ones. Slide down the bannister right into the golden elevator:

Inside the apartment, various styles of Louis and Napoleons plus some great Chinese. There’s no view, but the building benefits from open landscaped space along Priest Street. There’s a wood-burning fireplace in there somewhere, and the large main living area benefits from windows on both sides:

Wonder what it looks like empty. The kitchen, below- the usual expensive appliances and cabinets, a kind of functional luxe but not much fun.

The master bedroom, below, and its gold-fitted travertine bath. Looks like a Four Seasons Hotel. Which in bedrooms and baths is not a bad thing:

Actually it’s very much like a luxury hotel suite, and great if you like things done. In fairness, the drapes look pretty swell. They’re asking only 7% over the purchase price of 2007.

Listing: 1340 Clay Street #504, San Francisco [Redfin]

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