Real Estate Report: Fully Hedged in Montecito, $3.295M


“Monterey Colonial” is a classic California house type. Here’s one by a prominent architect in Monetcito, built in 1935.


The Basics: A 4-bedroom, 3-bath, 2-half bath classic from 1935, asking $3.295M, with a 75-foot lap pool.

Not So Basic: It has a 75-foot lap pool. That aside, it was designed by Joseph Plunkett, a prominent Santa Barbara/Montecito architect who’s best known building is the Moorish/Andalucian Fox Theater in downtown Santa Barbara finished a few years before. The “Monterey” colonial developed from California’s late two-story adobe ranchos, which Anglo immigrants adapted with a second-floor gallery and very simple East Coast details mixed with the Spanish, a combination popularized for the rich by decorator/design legend Frances Elkins in… Monterey. In various forms these houses were built in (mostly) Southern California well into the 1960’s. 

This one’s very grand, with a brick ground floor that spreads out to a library-bedroom wing on one side and a port-cohere and garage on the other. There’s a spectacular coastal oak out front, and the property is surrounded by high hedges, plus an inner hedge that defines the rear lawn and gives the pool some privacy.

Inside, what you’d expect in a plutocrat’s Depression-era cottage. Simple details, a wood-paneled library screaming out for cigars and single malt scotch, French doors, and a lovely staircase.

There’s a lot of images at the listing (link below) including a vintage tiled pantry and the usual bedrooms. Seriously, what’s not to like here? It’s the kind of house you wouldn’t need to leave except to go to the beach. Maybe.

Listing: 1644 San Leandro Lane, Montecito [Village Properties]