Real Estate Report: Hard-Edged Curves in SOMA, $1.395M



San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood is chock-a-block-full of recently-built luxury condominium units. Here’s one for sale at the Infinity with an unusually large terrace.

The Basics: A 2-bed, 2-bath, 1-parking condominium unit at The Infinity, asking $1.395M with monthly HOA dues of $723.85.

Not So Basic: Most of the units at the Infinity have big curving walls of glass, especially at the corners, but this one’s curve is concave and leads out to a long terrace. The complex, which has two almost-twin towers and two low-rise buildings, was designed by Arquitectonica, an international architectural firm based in Miami (FL) whose iconic shapes became instantly recognizable from the opening credits of Miami Vice, and this building’s endless curves have some reference in its name. Whatever. The curving corners were also a practical effort to mitigate the high winds in the area, one block from the Embarcadero.  We’ve admired this complex before- one of the $5.1M penthouses– but this unit is pleasantly middle-class:

Above, a big view of the GAP headquarters and their private roof gardens, plus a glimpse of Cupid’s Arrow on the Embarcadero. The roughly 30-foot long terrace faces north to the Financial District and what will someday be the Transbay Terminal Center, and the set-back, enclosed form makes the apartment feel somewhat sheltered. Plus it’s big enough for a dog run. Or chickens. 

Nice crisp kitchen with high-end appliances and stone countertops. Altogether, the lighting could use some work, and the staging forces you to wrestle past the couch to get through the regrettably-places sliders to the terrace. Below, the master bedroom. When did elephants, halogen lighting and chartreuse become seductive?

Shades come standard in this condo— you can see the well-designed valence at the top edge of the windows. Below, the floor plan of an almost identical unit: 

The unit was purchased about two years ago for $1.3M and has been on the market for just a few days. There are not a lot of resales available currently at 301 Main Street, but there’s an unknown number of developer-owned units available in the slightly taller (and newer) twin on Spear Street.

Listing: 301 Main Street, #T28A, San Francisco [Redfin]


Floor Plan Credit: The Infinity