Real Estate Report: Live Like a Hollywood Hills Heathcliff



It’s Oscar Week. Let’s go look  a house in the Hollywood Hills once occupied by a cinema legend. Just don’t expect to find any tangible traces of him.


The Basics: A 5-bedroom, 5.5-bath house in the Hollywood Hills, asking $2.595M.

Not So Basic: It was, apparently, the home of Laurence Olivier when he first moved to Los Angeles, pre-knighthood, to make Wuthering Heights in 1939. Designed in the the mid-1920’s by historicist architect Roy Selden Price in classic LA mash-up, it’s a picturesque English Cottage with ecclesiastical arches teetering on the edge of a canyon. Larry must have felt right at home. Now pared-down to a well-detailed minimalist shell, presumably with air-conditioning, there’s still the dilemma of where to put the television:

Even though there’ a screening room downstairs. Below,  a serious kitchen and a bookish dining room:

The master bedroom and a swell bathroom:

The back of the house (below) with a view out to the ocean and Catalina Island. Very English, with an outdoor kitchen, but sadly, no pool. The three arched windows at the far end look like they were once an open loggia— now it’s a sweet guest apartment with a deck and a private entrance uphill:

Previously seen on Curbed LA .

Listing: 8856 Appian Way, Los Angeles  [Architecture for Sale]