Real Estate Report: Rathskeller Madness in Los Angeles



In the Mount Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles, someone dreaming of the Alps– or maybe just cowbells and raclette– built this “chalet” in 1923.

The Basics: A 2-bed, 2-bath house built in 1923 in Los Angeles Mount Washington neighborhood, asking $449K.

Not So Basic: It’s a mess. But aside from that, this house evokes the romantic dreams of Los Angeles and its characters, the ones who populate books like Nathaniel West’s Day of the Locust and Evelyn Waugh’s The Loved One. In the 1920s, land was cheap, and so was lumber, and there were plenty of film industry workers who could put together this hybrid Swiss-Bavarian-meets-Knotty Pine… chalet. It’s a little rough around the edges:

Make tea over an open fire. Or indulge in your favorite Hansel & Gretel fantasy:

The best that can be said for the kitchen is that it has a good work triangle, although that handcrafted chalkboard/corkboard affair is sweet. The bathroom below, sadly, evokes a granny/serial-killer vibe:

Best of all, this half-timbered room with a fake fireplace nook and a real wet bar:

Those sliders can be replaced with something more quaint, and the floor plan is  flexible, although it calls out for beer, dark bread, and cuckoo clocks. Yesterday at Curbed LA the house attracted a lot of attention and comments. There’s an open house on Sunday, March 13 from 1 to 4.

If you buy it, please yodel.

Listing: 615 Crane Boulevard, Los Angeles  [Redfin]