Real Estate Report: Top of the Food Chain in San Francisco




San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood is known for  both luxurious places to live and great views. Here’s a 1920’s cooperative apartment with both, on the market for $5.25M. 

The Basics: A Pacific Heights penthouse at Gough & California Streets with 4 bedrooms, a maid’s room, a laundry/pantry, 2-car parking, in very good condition and asking $5.25M. 

Not So Basic: It’s also got a roof-top ballroom— although you could use it for whatever you want if balls aren’t your thing. The couple who bought the place in 2004 renovated and never moved in, and eventually sold it at a loss in 2007 after over a year on the market. It came back on the market in September, 2010 with new decor but not much else changed. Check out the old listing here to see how it’s changed.

Above, the elevator opens directly into the foyer. All eight units in the building occupy full floors and have four exposures. Below, the living and dining rooms, plus a paneled library/media room:

And the kitchen:

The master bedroom’s bath and dressing room is a suite of four rooms:

Below, the pentroom/ballroom upstairs. There’s also another bedroom, bath and service kitchen on this floor, along with a small terrace:

Lots more pictures at the listing below. 1800 Gough was designed by Conrad Meusdorff, who would go on to design other luxury buildings in the neighborhood, but this was one of the first as the rich started to give up big houses for apartment living. Although in this case, not much of a sacrifice. Since the building’s a cooperative, you don’t actually get to own the apartment. Instead, you’re buying shares in a corporation and getting proprietary lease. Most coops don’t permit financing and require purchasers to be approved by the board. 

Listing: 1800 Gough Street Penthouse [Sotheby’s]