Real Estate Report: Total Knotty Pine Throwback in Bel Air, $1.195M




Exactly the kind of house the Cleavers, the Reeds, and Dr. Marcus Welby could have lived in.

The Basics: a 2-bedroom, 2.75-bath house from 1940, on slightly more than a third of an acre, asking $1.195M.

Not So Basic: Aside from a ridiculously-low asking price? The house was designed by Gerald Colchord, a Los Angeles architect who specialized in these mash-ups of Nantucket/East Coast Colonial and California Ranch. We had a look at a more extravagant example a while back, which is still on the market. This one’s also in Bel Air and has been in the same family since it was built. And looks it. The big question, of course, is how they survived without air conditioning for seventy years (it has none.)

A classic Colchord living room– the massive lintel in the fireplace is concrete, cast in place and then finished to look like timber. If the realtor’s photos had been in black-and-white, it would have looked like a vintage magazine spread.

Above, the bar in the family room, another standard Colchord feature. Hi-balls! Below, the master bedroom and bath. There are two bedrooms and baths on the main level, and the listing claims there’s a “simulated hayloft guest room”  but inexplicably did not include pictures of it.

Maybe they mean this attic? Has someone been smoking in the hayloft?

The kitchen and its nook are perfect, below:

Below, the back of the house, which faces a small lawn and a canyon below. The bay window to the right is the master bedroom:

And while the landscaping needs some work, there’s this beautiful coastal oak:

Listing: 1118 Casiano Road, Los Angeles [Redfin]