Real Estate Report: Dreamy Hillside Cottage With View, No Parking



In a town where parking issues can take on monumental proportions, the realtor announces in the listing, in caps: VERY EASY PARKING AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY AND NIGHT. 

The Basics: A 3-bedroom, 3-bath house in San Francisco’s Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights neighborhood, a 1908-vintage cottage expanded and polished in 2002, asking $1.575M.

Not So Basic: Aside from San Francisco’s obsession with parking?  It’s a sweet re-interpretation of the classic shingled cottage by architect Cary Bernstein, and considering it’s a almost a decade since the renovation, it looks remarkably fresh. Or maybe the pictures are a decade old. Below, the main living area:

Below, the master bedroom at the top of the house. There doesn’t seem to be a door, it’s just at the top of the stairs. But what’s not to like about waking up to that view of downtown? Plus the bath’s not too shabby.

Plans via architect Cary Bernstein’s website, where there are more images, plus an over view of her projects. Photos from the listing. The house apparently sold in April 2009 for $1.18M, and with prices on the decline from the mid-decade peaks— and no garage— we’re not sure what justifies an asking price of $395K more this time around. Especially since they can’t be bothered with some digital photography c. 2011.


Listing: 3937 21st Street, San Francisco  [Redfin]