Real Estate Report: Million Dollar Bathrooms, From the Sublime to the Ridiculous and Back Again



Most of us put up with the standard-issue 5-by-8-foot space allotted to bathrooms. We think that’s insufferably inadequate for such an important room,  especially if we have to share. So here are five baths we’d happily trade up to.

Once the bathroom on Winona Ryder, who recently sold this house in Los Angeles. Blue, pink, octagonal and in perfect condition. The listing is still up if you want to check out the rest of the house— mostly unstaged, apparently— which closed recently for $3.725M. Girl’s got great taste.

In a newly-built house in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood, this huge master bath makes a great place to start the day. The shower alone is as large as most bathrooms. For $7M, it’s the least they could do.

Compact but luxurious, this master bath in a completely-renovated 1930’s house has everything, beautifully finished. For $3.4M you get the bath and the rest of the house. 

Lavender and black, a very old school color combination and we wouldn’t mind taking it a step further towards lurid with flamingo wallpaper. This bathroom in Los Angeles is a beautiful restoration in a 1928 stucco house with lots of interesting tile detail. How much? $1.849M worth.

Last, and far from least, is this stunning bath suite. Stunning as in “a kick to the head,” it’s one of thirteen in a newly-built and $68.5M house on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills and bigger than our living room. OK, maybe we don’t really want this, but it might be fun for a weekend. If it came with a butler. We love that the Louis XIV wastebasket still has to have a white plastic bag liner. Check out the realtor’s dedicated site for your own kick in the head, then come back and tell us what you think in the comments section.