Real Estate Report: Straight Back to the Sixties, $3.95M




The rest of the house is great, even if all we can think about is that chrome-yellow flokati rug in the living room.

The Basics: a classic 5-bed, 5-bath California Post-and-Beam from 1961 in Beverly Hills Post Office, the part of Los Angeles with the 90210 zip code but not actually in the city of Beverly Hills. Asking $3.95M.

Not So Basic: It’s appears to be in original, unstaged condition. The listing showed up on Curbed LA yesterday, which pronounced it both “peachy-keen” and “pristine Brady Bunch”.  We couldn’t agree more. Possibly designed by Los Angeles Modernist Welton Becket, or his son, architect Bruce Beckett, the house retains its vintage top-of-the-color wheel lime and yellow details. Along with some orange.


Entry is past a parking pad/driveway and garage and into a courtyard. It’s possible the grey-green trim is a recent color choice:

Pool and patio out back. The pool looks like it may need re-plastering:

In the study, lime green wall-to-wall carpet and a mid-century gun case:

The house has a lot of those vintage adjustable-bracket shelf systems. Below, the desk area of a poolside bedroom:

The house looks very livable as is, with a big connected kitchen/family room. Lots more lime, yellow and orange at the listing, below. Welton Becket was one of Los Angeles’ most successful architects, the designer of iconic buildings like the circular Capitol Records headquarters and the Cinerama Dome, and at the time of his death in 1969, head of one of the world’s largest architectural firms. They pioneered the “total design” concept, handling every aspect of a project’s design, including interiors. Think Mad Men office, you’ll get the picture.

Listing: 9557 Lime Orchard Road, Beverly Hills  [Redfin]