Real Estate Report: In Berkeley, Brown-Shingled and Knotty-Pined




There’s a great little house on the market this week in the Berkeley Hills, hidden in the trees. It needs some work, asking $649K, and is open on Sunday, June 3.



The Basics: A 2-bedroom, 1.5-bath house built in 1936 with a 1-bedroom, 1-bath apartment over the detached garage, which they’re calling a “cottage” Asking $649K, on a quiet street of more expensive houses.

Not So Basic: There are no pictures of the cottage interior, and from what’s visible outside, it may be even earlier than the house. All of which is hidden behind a mature weeping willow tree. Seriously, we were bemoaning the realtor’s “bad” pictures of the front and went to Google Streetview— and found a weeping willow instead of a house:

Inside the house, a knotty pine bonanza: 

And sure, maybe they’ll rethink the paint, although that “guacamole creme” on the kitchen walls looks great with the vintage “avocado-toned” range:

The back of the house. Not visible, there’s a big deck extending into the yard:

The back of the cottage, which looks vaguely Arts & Crafts-era, and appears to be attached to the main house by some sort of pergola structure. And still standing purely out of habit:

The realtor mentions the new roof and sewer hook-ups, but is silent on whether the cottage is tenant-occupied. Or even legal. Still, a charming house with huge possibilities.

Open House Sunday, June 3 from 2pm to 4pm.

Listing: 906 Creston Road, Berkeley  [Redfin]