Real Estate Report: Classic 1909 Flat Near Dolores Park


It’s not quite in the Liberty Hill Historic District and a few feet outside the Mission, and probably in Dolores Heights. Whatever, it’s on a beautiful block in a classic San Francisco location.

The Basics: a 3-bed, 1.5-bath flat near Dolores Park with 1-car parking, asking $989K and one the market five days.  HOAs are a low $215 per month, but It’s not a condo— it’s a TIC, or tenancy-in-common.

Not So Basic: It’s been beautifully renovated— for almost a million dollars, it should be— and instead of the usual long, dark plan in mid-block flats, this one has an open Northern exposure and views to the East. Location-wise, it’s only a few blocks from the gourmet ghetto along 18th Street and in a neighborhood well-served by private transit taking tech workers to their jobs down the Peninsula. It’s adjacent to the Liberty Hill Historic District.

Up front, a double parlor:

Dining Room:

And the swell kitchen:

The bedrooms look OK, although for almost a million dollars you might expect two  full baths. Still, the place looks great. It’s got a 30% share of the four-unit TIC.


Listing: 903 Guerrero Street, San Francisco [Redfin]

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