Real Estate Report: Almost Un-Renovated in Parkside, With Knotty Pine


OK, it’s true, I’ll admit a weakness for rooms with horizontal wood paneling and beamed ceilings, and I’m probably not alone. Especially from trees the likes of which we’ll never see again. Here’s a house in San Francisco’s Parkside neighborhood in almost original condition, including one of the two kitchens.

The Basics: a 3-bed, 2-bath house in the Parkside neighborhood, built in 1928. On the market on day and asking $929K. It’s fully detached, has a 2-car garage, and a backyard, plus it’s on a corner lot.

Not So Basic: unlike a lot houses in the neighborhood, it’s not been extensively renovated. The original kitchen may have gone in sometime in the 1960s, but aside from that, the house still retains many original design features– in well-maintained original condition. The ground floor is high enough to have a beamed and pitched ceiling in the rec room:

Also downstairs, a vintage— and immaculate— kitchen:

Upstairs on the main level there is a 1960s-vintage kitchen with a “tiffany” lamp straight out of a fern bar, but otherwise, most of the original details, fixtures and spaces remain:

Not sure about the stucco exterior, but you can’t see that from the knotty pine room inside. And the ground floor kitchen and bath were never permitted, so it’s not  a legal apartment, although it has its own entrance. Open a guerrilla restaurant instead. Another drawback is the lack of easy access from the house to the rear yard, but what’s not to love about the garage:

More at the listing link, below. There’s an open house on Sunday, July 17 from 1-4pm.

Listing: 2085 Ulloa Street, San Francisco [Redfin]

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