Real Estate Report: A Big Tree with a Mind of Its Own


If you looked at as many real estate listings as we do, you’d find both uninspired landscaping and uninteresting art on the walls. Just not always, we’re glad to report.

The Basics: a 3-bed, 3.5-bath house in the Rustic Canyon neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, originally built in 1948 and transformed from a conventional ranch house a few years ago by CH+D award winners Griffin Enright Architects. On the market twenty-three days and asking $3.979M.

Not So Basic: There’s a 300-year-old sycamore tree in the back yard. Identified as a “Wandering Sycamore”, it dominates the well-landscaped property, hanging out over the decks and a koi pond:

Other than having an very old tree with a mind of its own, the house hasn’t been staged and retains its own brand of comfy Modernist clutter. Plus the owners have interesting taste in art— prints by David Hockney, Frank Stella and Richard Diebenkorn stand out:

A sliding wall of glass leading outdoors:

The kitchen looks like a brigade of cooks could get to work— while the rest of us watch. Some of the house’s late-40s legacy is visible through the windows:

Below, the library/media room with a beautifully-detailed fireplace wall looking out into the tree:

It’s a treat to see people living with such great stuff— in addition to the art, a roster of designers ranging from Eames to Mies van der Rohe to sofas inspired by Jean-Michel Frank. We took these images from the realtor’s dedicated site— worth a visit— by photographer Michael McNamara.

Listing: 707 Brooktree Road, Pacific Palisades [Redfin]

The Project: More about the project at the Griffing Enright Architects site.