Real Estate Report: 1909 Pasadena Arts & Crafts House Seeks New Owner to Shake Off the 1980s


Everyone has a vision of authentic. The only problem is that a few decades later, their “authentic” becomes inseparable from its own time.

The Basics: an 8-bedroom, 6-bath shingled classic in Pasadena on an 0.8-acre lot, asking $3.2M and only on the market two days.

Not So Basic: designed by noted Los Angeles architect Robert D. Farquhar early in his career in Pasadena’s Oak Knoll neighborhood, a better description of the changes to the house is redecoration rather than renovation. And we’ve seen worse— here it’s just paint over what was most likely wood finished with the opaque stains of the period, and the baths were done so long ago they’re now period pieces in themselves. There’s some offensively inoffensive wallpaper. The house is air conditioned, but you can see how the rooms were designed for cross-ventilation at a time when Pasadena was a winter resort for rich, badly-chilled Mid-Westerners and not a steamy suburb of Los Angeles.

There are multiple once-screened porches like this one next to the port-cochere:

We like the dining room with a vaulted ceiling and sunroom:

Like so many period houses, this one’s oriented to the front, althought there’s a big deck now in the rear, off the kitchen and with its own outdoor kitchen:

Out back, near the garage, is this dated pool/spa/patio:

Nice trees, but no water-permeable paved surfaces, and a lot of lawn to water:

What We Love: there’s lots of room for everyone, the high-ceilings in the main spaces, that someone else painted it first. Other than that, not much. Lots more pictures at the realtor’s dedicated site, including all eight bedrooms, and a much better idea of the scale.

More: Richard D. Farquhar had a very successful career— and for the time, an impeccable education— Harvard, MIT, the Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Paris, and a stint at one of New York’s great classicist architectural firms, Carriere & Hastings.

Listing: 1375 Ridge Way, Pasadena [Redfin]