Real Estate Report: So, Where is Thanksgiving Next Year, Dear?


Thanksgiving has been known to stretch our humble kitchens beyond their limits. Too late to change venues this week, but here are three on the market you might want to consider for next year’s event.

San Francisco cottage-style:

Tucked away in a small, pale blue 1902 cottage in San Francisco’s Eureka Heights, just uphill from Dolores Park and the 18th Street “Gourmet Gulch” is this huge new kitchen. Best holiday features: two dishwashers, two sinks, two ovens. A cottage kitchen on steroids? We could be very happy cooking here. Asking $1.329M.

Listing: 286 Cumberland Street, San Francisco [Redfin]


Hollywood cool:

In a classic, artless way, this mid-century house in the Hollywood Dells reminds of us of stylish ex-pats, bourgeois bohemians, screenwriters and David Hockney. The open kitchen/dining room is great for a gathering of friends plus the adjacent patio is the perfect venue for deep-frying a turkey— an endeavor best undertaken outdoors. We looked at it earlier this year. Asking $1.045M.

Listing: 6309 Ivarene Avenue, Los Angeles [Redfin]


Where to cook that heritage turkey:

Get out your Pilgrim drag, wear your favorite scarlet letter, find some maize to grind. This Puritan-Perfect dining room was designed by architect Gerald Cholcord in the late-1940’s. You know you’ve been wanting to experiment with roasting turkeys over an open fire, and this dining room comes with a gas range and rotating spit just like the first settlers would have had, along with the requisite hanging black iron cauldron. There’s also a kitchen, of course:

We had a look at this luxe-LA version of the fantasy Connecticut farmhouse last year. Apparently, Pilgrim chic isn’t what it used to be— this fashion victim has been on the market since August, 2010. Many more pictures at the listing link below. Asking $2.995M, down from $3.395M. 

Listing: 11474 Bellagio Road, Los Angeles [Redfin]