Real Estate Report: Wine Country Retreat/Fortress High Above Glen Ellen



The Basics: A 3-bed, 3.5-bath on 18+/- hillside acres in Glen Ellen, a small town in Sonoma County best-known for world-class wineries. Built in 2009, the property includes a 1-bed, 1-bath guest house with a full kitchen— although it looks like the other two bedrooms counted in the main house are actually an office and the master suite. Asking $2.995M.

Not So Basic: They’ve seemed to have covered a lot of bases. The house is set deep into the hillside with double-built masonry walls that permit deep-set windows plus a long pool terrace on the south side. Electric shutters not only provide security but also sun protection. There’s a naturally-rusting Cor-Ten steel gate at the entrance with security cameras, and if the gate opens while you’re away, it will send you an email.

The same basic palette is used throughout, in the cabinet work and the polished concrete floors with radiant heat. We like the way the kitchen and home theater screen both disappear behind sliding panels. Note to owner— you’re looking for almost $3M. Could you entice us with slightly better staging?

Thoughtful details, like this wine room/pantry off the kitchen which remains cool year-round, and jumbo dishwasher drawers:

The master bath has a walk-through shower with a door to a patio:

Entry to the house is through a second gate, this one set into a steel and glass windscreen. Just beyond, note the automatic roll-down security gate over the front door, just under its awning. For those days when the first two gates just won’t sufficiently repel:

Loving the massive solar array. We assume the line of exhausts is to vent hot air out of the house:

Being above it all, including the weather:

More: Have a look at the realtor’s site, and a video with the owner/designer, Doug Pinter, explaining the house’s details and how the design came about.