Real Estate Report: The Perfect Kitchen For 2012’s Holiday Entertaining, No. 5


If you’re like us, you’ve been looking around your kitchen, thinking about the holidays, and wondering how you’re going to pull it off. All this week we’ve been looking at entertaining-ready kitchens that you may not find under the tree but can still go on your wish list. The holiday forecast for Lake Tahoe is a mix of sunny and cloudy, with no snow expected until around New Year’s Day. Maybe this will show up in your stocking next year?

The Basics: A 4-bed, 2-bath house on the Meeks Bay/Rubicon Bay shore (on the California side of Lake Tahoe) asking $3.5M and on the market since August, 2011. The listing text mentions 150′ feet of lakefront, a hot tub, granite boulders, plus a private pier and boat house. Built in 1953 but looks recently renovated.

Not So Basic: The usual Tahoe-woody interior has been obliterated with white paint, and the house has a cottage vibe not found in the area’s overblown McLogCabins.

What We Love: The compact kitchen has everything you need plus an amazing view, with vintage cabinets in a coat of pale green paint and what was once a woodstove seems to have been converted to gas— a room crying out for something to be braised slowly. Or baked. Altogether, a warm but open entertaining space, and we can see bundling up and having hot toddies on that deck outside. [Full disclosure: I don’t ski, but I do drink.]

More: Check out the realtor’s listing for more images and a bit of virtual tour.