Real Estate Report: Live Like Hip Hoteliers in Palm Springs


Unless all your friends already live in Palm Springs, when you buy a place there you can expect a lot of guests. Here’s a house where the issue of guests has been addressed by professionals.

The Basics: A 4-bed, 4-5 bath house in Palm Spring’s Mesa neighborhood, built in 1940 and on the market two weeks. The property has a sexy walled pool and patio, a tennis court, an up-to-date kitchen, and air conditioning, with an asking price of $1.2M. 

Not So Basic: The renovations have been both interesting and sensitive, departments the owners are well-versed in— they founded and own the Ace hotel chain. As per the listing, the guest rooms are well-separated and private. Like a good hotel!

What We Love: It’s more about what’s not here here. The house was clearly well-designed in the ’40s, and there’s very little of the uber-hip renovation style and intentional irony of so many Palm Springs Mid-Century houses. Plus it’s a classic, not looking suddenly dated like the extravaganzas that went up in the desert fueled by the pre-2009 boom. Think “Los Feliz Goes to the Desert.”

In the master bath, we like the stone-walled shower and the sink installed on a long table:

The pool during the day, plus tennis and shuffleboard. Shuffleboard?

It’s a great choice for someone who likes all that Palm Springs has to offer, but looking for something a little cooler and out of mainstream desert design.


Listing:1907 South Mesa Drive, Pam Springs [Redfin]