Real Estate Report: Harwell Harris’ Laing House in Pasadena


Where: 1642 Pleasant Way, Pasadena
What: The Graham Laing House, designed by Harwell Hamilton Harris (1903-1990) and built in 1935. On and off the market, currently back on and asking $995K. Laing was a senior Economics professor at nearby Caltech– the house is in Pasadena’s Poppy Peak neighborhood, a goldmine of Mid-Century architecture– and Harris was a young protege of Richard Neutra, who dissuaded the young designer from getting a formal architecture education and to learn his craft on the job. Harris would leave Neutra’s office and produce low, horizontal houses fitted into the terrain, under the spell of Frank Lloyd Wright, who once took credit for a Harris house. In 1952 Harris would go on to head the architecture school at the University of Texas, Austin, and much of his later work was in Texas and North Carolina. Below, the house soon after it was built:

The living room, lined with bookshelves as suits a professor, before, after and during, filled with a crowd of future economists:

Photo Credit: Caltech Coda

Above, the mostly original kitchen– linoleum was the original flooring choice throughout the house. It’s possible the Laing House will be open on Sunday, April 7– check the agent’s listing or Redfin’s page for more details. For images and information about Harris’ career, go to Triangle Modern, the indispensible archive for Modernist architecture.

Photo Credit: Triangle Modernist Homes