Open House Obsession: Eichler’s See-Through Modernism in Marin County


Where: 26 Oak Mountain Court, Lucas Valley
When: Sunday, July 28 from 1:00PM to 4:00PM
What: An immaculate Eichler– the Holy Grail for some Mid-Century design fans– is on the market in Lucas Valley in Marin County, asking $1.6M. The buffed–up and well-cared-for 4-bed, 3-bath house has had serious system upgrades along with polished concrete floors and new bamboo flooring. Above, in the living room, a signature cement block fireplace between floor-to-ceiling glass, and the adjacent atrium, another unique Eichler detail:

Joseph Eichler was the developer/builder who brought modern design to tract homes, hiring notable architects like Jones & Emmons– this home was designed by San Francisco architect Claude Oakland. Below– the current owners expanded the master suite, giving themselves an austere but luxurious bath that opens to the landscape:

Another Eichler innovation was the multi-purpose room– the ancestor of the family room, which eventually morphed into the great room, while splintering off some functions to the media room. So yes, we’d put the TV here:

The renovated kitchen is far superior to the basic, functional original:

The site is on the edge of a canyon– the owners have expanded the rear yard with a long view deck– and the view of oak-studded hills and meadows is classic Northern California:

Downside: Many of the people who would buy this house are unable to. It’s all about economics– despite being in perfect condition, the asking price is high for the area and more in line with the prices of the many Eichlers built between San Francisco and San Jose– which are closer to high-paying jobs. Some potential buyers may not want a weekend (or retirement) home in a Mid-Century development in what could be considered the middle of nowhere.
More: Take a look at the realtor’s dedicated site for more images. For information on the challenges and joys of owning an unrestored Eichler, visit the Eichler Network.