Real Estate Report: The Air We Breathe, $13M


For once, marketing materials may tell the truth: “As important as what can be seen, is what cannot be seen. A masterwork in sustainability and design, 2680 Green Street provides the ultimate in a healthy living experience.” Originally conceived to produce less greenhouse gases and use “free” solar energy, passive houses have no furnace or air conditioning systems. Instead, an air circulation system monitors and maintains interior temperatures with a responsive system of recirculating and constantly filtered air. The term “Passive Construction” probably isn’t the best– here the latest trend in luxury housing is more like an aggressive shield against the outside world. If you’ve never been in a house constructed like this, it’s hard to fathom the inherent sense of quiet and calm brought on by triple-glazed windows (custom made in Germany) and impeccable construction techniques well beyond ordinary house-building. We had a look at our first passive home last year in Eureka Heights.

At 2680 Green Street, Contractor/Developer Greg Malin of Troon Pacific, with architects Ken Linsteadt and Babac Doane, took a classic but tired Edwardian mansion and constructed an entirely new house behind the traditional street front– a task which is initially hard to comprehend unless you consider that the entire main floor is now an open-plan great room from front to back, and along with a cantilevered glass stairway and an elevator connecting all floors, just some of the house’s design elements that required new steel framing throughout:

Over the top in the details– stair treads are cantilevered sandwiches of glass:

The master bath (below) has a view of the Golden Gate. There’s also a spa with an aromatherapy steam shower. As realtor Val Steele pointed out, “We travel to spas, why not have one at home…”

On the ground level (below) a flexible space opens to the garden with a retracting wall of windows. In addition to a solar array on the roof, the garage is wired and ready for electric car charging and the landscaping is watered with a rainwater conservation system.

2680 Green Street is now a 4-bedroom, 6.5-bath house asking $13M. Check out the property’s dedicated site for more images. Below, no multi-million dollar Pacific Heights home should be without a spectacular view from its rooftop deck: