On the cutting EDGE











EDGE, the latest product from Fireclay Tile, is a mix of old world craftsmanship and modern technology.  Made by hand on a 70% recycled clay body, Fireclay is able to create a large format tile with perfectly straight, rectified edges. The three modular sizes are designed to encourage creative exploration of pattern and layout for both interior and exterior installations. 


Currently the longest size available in handmade tile, the generous proportions include three modular sizes of 3 x 9inch, 3 x 18inch, and 6 x 18inch, suitable for any wall, floor or countertop. The precision rectified edges allow for minimal grout joints of 1/8” creating virtually seamless installations. The gradient color palette of twelve satin matte finishes is inspired by colors found in natural stones and minerals. EDGE is made to order in 3-4 weeks for only $28 square foot retail.


Fireclay Tile uderstands the importance of sustainable design. The clay body is composed of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials including; clay, recycled glass, waste porcelain, spent abrasives and granite dust. The modular nature of EDGE means there is very minimal waste during the manufacturing process.