Open House Obsession: New Project From HabHouse has the Best Bathroom of 2014


Where: 5655 Range View Avenue, Highland Park
When: Open on Sunday, November 23 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Asking: $1.048M
What: What do you do with a 50 year old, 2-unit building that the Planning Department tells you doesn’t comply with zoning laws? That’s the dilemma Andreas Larsson and his firm Habhouse, faced with this boxy ’60s structure on the edge of a canyon. The result is a 6-bed, 4-bath house big enough for both a family and working at home, with a gallery-inspired living spaces on the main level.

Once the second unit, the lower level has a family room and two bedrooms, the master suite, and a laundry room to reckon with (below, but without appliances.).

The master suite has a hard-edged appeal while the bath, which was shaved off the one end of the lower unit’s living room, makes way for the fireplace. The witty juxtaposition of ’60s stone, subway tile, plus a marble flooring pattern that dates back to ancient Rome. You could enjoy some serious moments of solitude in this room.

The master bedroom opens to a private patio.

What We Love: The light hand Larsson demonstates throughout the project– nothing’s too finished, or too serious.
More: Check out the agent’s exemplary dedicated site for this project, which was staged by Jeff Garbs of Shopclass LA, and you can follow Andreas Larsson and HabHouse on Facebook.