Open House Obsession: Live Like A Silent Film Star In The Andalusia, $1.5M


Where: 1475 N. Havenhurst Drive #1, Sunset Strip
When: Sunday, March 1st from 1:00pm-4:00pm
Asking: $1,500,000
What: A 3-bed, 2-bath condominium in The Andalusia, one of the best of LA’s romantic courtyard apartment dwellings built by Arthur and Nina Zwebell in the 1920s. The husband and wife architects, who would later go on to design film sets, created a Spanish Style fantasy with modern masonry techniques and traditional timber construction, during an era when the best craftsmen were available. Arranged around a central plaza and now lushly overgrown, The Andalusia initially attracted silent film stars like Clara Bow and later, occupants like Cesar Romero and Clair Bloom, with big, dramatic spaces.

Below, the two baths and the kitchen. The entire building’s systems were upgraded, with central air conditioning added, in the ‘90s while retaining the vintage details.

The master bedroom has three arched bays and a fireplace.

What We Like: The rooms and details are simple enough that this could be a minimalist haven, or propped out with tapestries, halberds, and axes, plus the random suit of armor. Below, the very lounge-y studio unit is adjacent and could be used as an office or guest suite.

More: Go to the agent’s website for additional images and information and John J. Tackett’s detailed blog post for a detailed account of The Andalusia’s history.