Great Bones Under The ’80s Decor In Pasadena, $5.59M


Where: 1126 Hillcrest Avenue, Oak Knoll, Pasadena
Asking: $5,588,000
What: The Garford House, designed by the eminent firm of Marston + Van Pelt in 1916 for Arthur L. Garford, an Ohio industrialist and political ally of Theodore Roosevelt. Garford and his family were among the pre-WWI diaspora of wealthy (and well-chilled) mid-westerners to the warmth of Pasadena. Originally designed as two houses (one for his daughter and her family) connected by a loggia on a very large lot, the two houses were separated at a later date and subdivided, but the glorious view of the San Gabriel Mountains is intact.

Inside, beautiful moldings and details remain intact, although the entry hall’s columns, smoked mirors, and dropped ceiling date back to the ’80s– there’s a heavy timbered ceiling under there.

Just one detail of the vast living room…

… which opens to the original loggia between the two houses.

The property retains this original Neptune fountain. Despite the historic style, the house is constructed of hollow terracotta blocks covered in stucco and the Renaissance “stone” details are a cast colored terracotta (fireproof, produced nearby in the Central Valley, and the latest building technology at the time).

Trivia: If it looks vaguely familiar, that’s because the exterior was used in the Schwarzenegger/DeVito film Twins.
More: Check out the agent’s outstanding dedicated site, which includes many more images and floor plans. Below, a vintage image of the two houses with the driveway passing between them.