8927 St. Ives Drive, Where Privacy Meets Palatial


How do you define perfection? If your idea of perfection includes 7,500 square feet of architectural wonderment just off the Sunset Strip, then here it is, 8927 St. Ives Drive.

Built in 2015, the stunning home offers the ideal blend of modern luxury and lush seclusion and stands at the forefront of contemporary design. The rich landscape surrounding the property is as tranquil as it is chic, framing the place and allowing for uninterrupted privacy all around, while the back of the house is a picturesque view of LA made even more spectacular with a multi-level deck and infinity pool.

Along with views and the ideal LA entertaining space, a cozy lounge and fully functioning bar space, the property features 4 luscious bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, all featuring stylish features like floor to ceiling windows (like the master which opens to a balcony and panoramic view of DTLA and the ocean), sleek fireplaces, warm lighting and rich wood finishes. The master bath is the definition of rest and relaxation with a deep soaking tub situated alongside a window which opens up to lush greenery and blue skies.

Even the kitchen is beyond stylish with a minimalist, modern design that offset by warming touches, like oak flooring and an opulent marble island. The open concept kitchen spills right into the great room that again features a wildly enchanting view as well as decadent contemporary touches like artistic lighting almost suspended from above and an inlaid fireplace.

There’s no doubt that this home isn’t for anyone, but instead it’s designed for the buyer whose taste is not only unique, but tailored to modern luxury. 8927 St. Ives Drive is where privacy meets palatial (as well as perfect) and at $20,950,000, it might have your name written all over it. Lamborghini not included.