This Spectacular Oceanfront Lot In The Sea Ranch Comes With Plans For Your Next House


Where: 84 Spindrift Close, The Sea Ranch
Asking: $799,000
What: One of The Sea Ranch’s most spectacular oceanfront lots, this .46-acre site comes with plans for a sleek new 3-bed house by award-winning architect Tom Marble that dovetails with the community’s historic vernacular Modernism.

About The Sea Ranch: Planned in the early 1960s and laid out by landscape architect Lawrence Halperin, The Sea Ranch occupies 3500 acres of former dairy pasture and forest, providing a variety of home sites on protected meadows and in the woods, most with views of the ocean. With sloping roofs and courtyards to deflect the wind, and no visible parking, early homes by renowned Mid-Century architects were constructed within strict design parameters (which are still in place and enforced). Patricia Leigh Brown probably described the place best in this rhapsodic piece in the New York Times.

What We Love:  The rare opportunity to build a fresh new house on an irreplaceable site. Aside from the early residences by Mid-Century greats like William Turnbull or Charles Moore, Sea Ranch houses from the ’70s and ‘80s can look tired, or locked in a time warp that’s not for everyone. Or both.

More: Have a look at the listing for additional images and details.