I Could Live Here: A Look Back At 2016’s Favorite Property Listings


A look back at three listings this past year that somehow evoked a deep personal connection. Not surprisingly, they’re all in Los Angeles, share a modest sense of scale despite their price, and speak volumes about their origins.

Where: 228 South Carmelina Avenue, Brentwood
Asking: $6,250,000
Sold For: $6,250,000
We fell for this 1930’s Monterey Colonial (at top and below) the moment we saw it. Not just the impeccable renovation. The property has a “right-sized” vibe, with well-proportioned rooms that are big enough but not overwhelming. It’s also got a very domestic vibe: a little grander than the Donna Reed/June Cleaver tradition, but not by much, in a vintage neighborhood of the traditional, walled homes. Apparently we weren’t alone in our enthusiasm. The property sold and closed escrow in less than a month. More images here; Photos Courtesy of Jeff Ong/PostRAIN Productions.

Where: 6145 Mulholland Highway, Hollywood Hills (below)
Asking: $2,295,000
Sold For: $1,800,000
Sold quickly (six weeks) but substantially under the asking price, our initial opinion still stands: “This 3-bed, 4-bath gem of a single-owner Mid-Century home is the Holy Grail for many MCM fans. Although not by one of the great names of LA architecture, it’s an eminently livable home, very much “as built” but in great condition, in a evocative location with memorable views. Start mixing the highballs.” Overall, elicited a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ around the CH+D offices. The wood-paneled family room is priceless, and indeed, not buying a home by a great name gives new owners a lot of leeway in making changes. More images here, photos courtesy William Edwards.

Where: 3214 Ledgewood Drive, Upper Beachwood Canyon/Hollywood Hills
Asking: $1,274,500
Sold For: $1,352,500
Nothing good languishes on the market in Los Angeles, and this charming Mid-Century renovation was no exception, closing escrow within six weeks and at $78,000 over the original asking price. It’s a good example of how the ideas of great architects filter down to later generations, specifically the cantilevered deck, pulled straight from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater (with a acheter viagra garage underneath instead of a river) and Wright’s random ashlar stone retaining walls. Another “right-sized’ house that would be a joy to live in, and the perfect venue for a burgeoning collection of Mid-Century furniture and objects. More images here; Photos courtesy of Stephen Parisi/Deasy Penner + Partners.