Ryan White Makes a Mark in Los Feliz


Los Angeles property developers, Jonathan Nash and Jamie Davis of W One, were looking for a designer for a new project. They admired the work of designer Ryan White on Instagram, and fast forward, the trio soon found themselves collaborating on a property that is now warm, welcoming, and incredibly stylish. We had a chat with Ryan about this creative partnership with W One on the c.1922 property, a lovely 4-bed, 3.75-bath vintage farmhouse in Los Feliz, where the welcome begins where the sidewalk ends.

You’ve got a light, sophisticated touch. Part of that is the rustic wood floors paired with beautifully detailed moldings throughout the home. Also your lighting fixtures range from Serge Mouille to anonymous industrial. Can you talk about that?
I’m a big fan of starting off with the right bones and then adding in touches of refined beauty such as beautiful sconces and more architectural chandeliers. I feel like with a home of this era keeping the floors a bit rustic but then taking it up a notch by having moldings and wainscoting throughout the home really pairs well together.

Even though the house is all white, it’s welcoming all the way from the sidewalk. Which white paint did you choose and where do the very dark tones come from?
All the paints interior and exterior, are from Farrow + Ball and the exterior of the home is painted in “all white” which lends itself to just a touch of grey adding the warmth that you are talking about. Also by adding the color “down pipe” to the front door it adds a bit more drama.

Attention To Detail: Below, glimpses of the baths and a dressing room. Everything from found objects to classic craftsmanship, original, and no two alike, but all within the same palette.

From the looks of the result, this was a successful initial foray into development. Will you do it again? What were the lessons you learned?
Yes, yes and yes! But the lessons learned will only make the next property we do that much stronger. That said Jamie, Johnathan and I all come from a different background in the development/design world so we made a great team.

More: 1921 Hobart Street is being offered at $3.295M unfurnished. Check out the agent’s outstanding dedicated site for more information, images and details.