Palm Springs Delight, $600K


Where: 2189 North Roberto Drive, Palm Springs
Asking: $618,750
Status: Accepting Backup Offers
What: A 3-bed, 2-bath, renovated Alexander tract home designed by the architectural firm of Palmer + Krisel and built in 1959. The pairing of the Alexander Construction Company and Palmer + Krisel made a formidable team in the postwar boom, building more than 2000 mid-range modernist homes in the Palm Springs area.

Although now painted entirely white, it retains the mid-century joie de vivre that makes Palm Springs such an object of desire. And clearly, it’s had good owners.

What We Love: There were no gimmicks in the renovation– just a completely appropriate simplicity that’s respectful and modern, but not retro. Plus there’s the original boomerang-shaped pool.

More: Check out the listing at the architectural specialists TTK Represents for additional images and details.