Richard Neutra’s Bonnet House, $1.8M


Where: 2256 El Contento Drive, Hollywood Hills
Asking: $1,795,000
Status: Pending, accepting back-up offers
What: Richard Neutra’s 1941 Bonnet House, a modest but now-iconic example of Mid-Century Modern architecture in California. Taking advantage of the sloping site, this simple 2-bed, 2-bath home unfolds on multiple levels with ribbon windows to take in the views.

The Viennese emigre architect was passionate about ways to connect occupants to the outdoors (an idea ubiquitous today) and found the perfect venue for his ideas in Southern California. Here, up a flight of stairs from the street, the entrance is through the living/dining room patio, completely eliminating a formal foyer and conflating the traditional concepts of “welcome” and “leisure”.

What We Love: This 77-year-old was sensitively updated with new systems by a previous owner who was committed to its restoration.

A notable survivor, it could be looked at as an early “split-level” although that’s not apparent from the street.

More: Go to the listing for additional details and images. Represented by LA’s architectural real estate eminence grise Crosby Doe. For more on Richard Neutra, the best place to start is the LA Conservancy website. Below, whether a highball in 1941 or an Aperol Spritz in 2018, the perfect place to end the day.