Brilliant Renovation by Tichenor & Thorpe In The Beverly Hills Flats, $10M


We don’t know much about a certain Mrs. Chimorro, except that in 1926 she hired architect Roy Selden Price to design this house for her in the Beverly Hills Flats, now known as the Chimorro Estate.

Behind immense gates that conjures up Jurassic Park, the property comes with legends– Mrs Chimorro is said to have built it as a speakeasy, although our thinking is that since this was mid-Great Depression, the speakeasy part was one way of providing income, like doing pop-up dinners before Instagram, from a time when passwords were whispered. There’s also a handsome vaulted wine cellar (sadly, no photos) with Moorish arches, rumored to have connected via tunnel to the Beverly Hills Hotel a few hundred feet away. Whatever Mrs. Chimorro and her pals were up to, the splendid renovation by Tichenor & Thorpe brilliantly evokes the 1920s spirit of Beverly Hills while preparing it for its next hundred years.

The original architect, Roy Selden Price (1888-1940) is described as “…one of the most gifted of Los Angeles Period Revival architects of the 1920s” in “An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles“, David Gebhard and Robert Winter’s authoritative and unmatched guide to LA’s built environment. Price would have been a good fit with with the husband-and-wife team of Brian Tichenor and Raun Thorpe. Their multi-disciplinary firm provides architecture, landscape and interior design and is known for creating luxuriously domestic settings, somehow evocative of Provence without being specifically French.  Below, the spectacularly overscaled living room is perfectly Californian.

The property is currently $3.5M less than when it was offered last year with a different agency; this time around, the eclectic interiors are by ASH Staging.

What We Love: The renovation is so seamless it’s hard to tell where Price ends and Tichenor & Thorpe begins; set far back on the lot and and surrounded by a series of interconnected courtyards, the narrow outdoor spaces are transformed into intimate walled enclosures.

The 4-room master suite is truly a suite, comprising a private entrance, plus a living room and the expected spa bath and a huge fitted dressing room in addition to the bedroom itself.

More: Go to the listing for additional details and images. This unique and incredibly stylish property is represented by luxury specialist Eric Lavey at Sotheby’s International Realty.

911 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills
6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, .4 acres