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How to Submit Your Project Digitally for the 2013 CH+D Awards:

Enter the primary contact email for the entry in the from field.
In the message field enter the full name of the designer and the category you are submitting the project for.
Upload just one single .ZIP file containing the following files:

1. A document containing the name of the project, the firm name, contact information and a brief summary of the project in 150 words or less
2. A selection (8-12) of high resolution .tiff or JPEG files (at leas 300 dpi at 8-by-10 inches) of digital images of the project.
3. A .JPEG file of a publishable portrait of the designer
4. A document containing signed documentation from the photographer(s) expressing the right to publish all submitted photography.


Only include one project per entry!

Click SendThisFile


Each project requires a $100 processing fee. Failure to submit payment will result in the disqualification of the project.

After submitting your project, click Pay Now button below to submit payment.

*Submission Guidelines for Emerging Designer

Interior designers or architects who have had an established company for less than five years or are currently students are eligible. Please submit images of three projects (built or unbuilt), project summaries of 150 words or less for each, a 300-word bio of the designer and a headshot.


Entries must be received by midnight 
Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

 Email confirmation will be sent within four business hours of receiving submission and processing payment. For more information, call 415.409.5651.



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