Queer Eye’s Thom Filicia Launches His Own Furniture Collection


If you’re having a hard time finding welcoming modern pieces with a hip flair, then let Thom Filicia come to your rescue.

Thom (who you probably recognize from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) is celebrating the launch of his own furniture line, Thom Filicia Home Collection by Vanguard Furniture on March 20th at H.D. Buttercup  in Culver City. Thom says in this video that he designed his pieces to feel collected rather than bought, which is apparent when browsing the picture gallery.

This collection means he is officially doing it all in the design world. Since Queer Eye, he’s been busy designing for stars like J-Lo, writing his book Thom Filicia Style (Atria, 2008), and hosting his own show on the Style Network called Dress My Nest. If you’re in L.A., keep an eye out for him shooting his newest show, Tacky House.

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