Philippe Starck’s New…Windmill?


The French designer known for his innovative designs of, well, everything, Philippe Starck has now set his creative sights on sustainable energy production.





Debuted at Milan’s La Triennale  this past January, Revolutionair is a new line of wind turbines designed by Starck in partnership with Pramac S.p.A. Much like his ashtrays, teapots and pasta strainers, the new “micro” turbines are intended for use at home. They come in two sizes and styles, producing two different power outputs—400W and 1KW, with prices that range from $3,400 to $4,800. Hailed as silent, affordable and easy to install, the turbines very well might be shooting up all over skylines in Europe and beyond if the design proves as successful some of Starck’s other designs, say a sleekly haunted chair or an arachnid-inspired juicer.

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