Get Planting with Pots from Esther Studios



Tomorrow is the official start of spring, and with it comes gardening season. If you’ve yet to get anything into soil, why not start this weekend? These beautiful pots from Esther Studios Pottery might be just the incentive you need to get going.

Created by a landscape designer and sculptor couple with the help of their 11 year old son, each pot and bowl is handmade in LA at the family’s studio. The spectrum of colorful green and blue stripes will coordinate nicely with any plants you plan to put within, but I love the thought of a mix of succulents nestled inside and pouring over the sides.

You can find Esther Studios ceramics at better gardening stores across the state, like Pot-ted in LA, Pasadena’s California Cactus Center, The Gardener in Berkeley, and Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco.

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