Serena & Lily’s Bazaar Offerings


It is almost without fail that when I flip through a catalog I’ll notice something absolutely perfect for my home… only to realize it’s the one thing on the page that’s not for sale. Curse those stylists, who always seem to procure exactly what I’m looking for! You’ve got to wonder why the buyers don’t catch on and market all that good stuff, but of course, then it wouldn’t be as cool; after being restyled for mass-production, the exceptional quality of whatever it was that was worth coveting would have been lost. Luckily, online retailer Serena & Lily understands this Catch-22.

The Saulsalito-based store once known solely for lovely childrens rooms has since expanded into furniture, bedding and other beautiful home design items that work for all ages. Now, with their Bazaar section, you can find one-of-kind goods gleaned from trips to tiny shops and undiscovered markets the world over. Since every piece is unique, stock rotates frequently, so it’s always worth peeking through to see what’s new. Right now I’m loving the artwork of Karen Smidth and the Bamileke stools from Cameroon. How about you?

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