The Perfect Rug Is Here


Because in our long and seasoned apartment-hopping lives we’ve all encountered a bedroom with a wacky width, an eight-sided dining room or a hallway that zigzags through the house like an impossible mouse maze, it is with serious relief that I announce the arrival of The Perfect Rug. 

The new online retailer from the people who brought you California Carpet, The Perfect Rug lets you design your own custom rug from over 550 types of material, hundreds of colors and in any darn size and shape you can dream up. And when I say “you,” I don’t mean the impossibly knowledgeable designer who comes equipped with sketch books and measuring tape and color wheels, I mean “you” as in, maybe you’ve seen an episode-and-a-half of Dress Your Nest and drive by a Home Depot every Saturday on your way to the gym. The Perfect rug is perfectly approachable for both beginners and seasoned pros. They will even send you your very own measuring kit (tape measure, living room diagram cards, string and material samples), and complete rugs start at just $149 for a 7-by-10-foot design.

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