Camping in Style


I’ll be honest; camping has never been my thing. It all sounds well and good, then there’s that moment at 4 in the morning when you realize you’re soaked with dew, freezing, and every bird in the forest is singing like crazy outside your “door”–no thanks. I’m going on about a decade of camp-free years, and that’s fine by me. However, this stylish camping gear is almost making me change my tune..

I mean, who wouldn’t want to get cozy under this gorgeous wool blanket from LA’s Opening Ceremony? Sure it’s exhorbitantly expensive for a night outside, but hey, it would take a lot to get me out there.


And pulling up a seat around this cleverly designed, space-saving fire pit found at Tortoise General Store sounds quite cozy. It packs flat for easy carrying, and best of all, doesn’t leave the ground beneath it marred in any way.


And while I’d be happy to pack up and head to my comfy home before bedtime, if an evening outdoors ended back at one of these canvas cabins at the Sequoia High Sierra Camp, well, I might be willing to break my no-camping streak.

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