Ring My Bell


In the world of design, the details can make all the difference. That’s why I love a good doorbell. It’s the first thing a visitor touches when he or she enters your home. A cheap looking piece of illuminated, ridged plastic on a ticky-tacky brass base doesn’t say “welcome,” it says “no class.”

Needless to say, when I first saw the Seattle-based Spore’s stylish and colorful doorbells, I was excited. Here was a doorbell that looked great, felt good to the touch (many have a soft, smooth buttons) and worked beautifully (no visitor could miss the softly glowing red, amber, green , blue or white at night).

However, the early adopters in the Bay Area embraced the Spore doorbells as enthusiastically as I did, and soon they were on every modern remodel I visited, becoming (nearly) a cliché. When I recently discovered the True ($56), the latest offering from Spore, it was a case of falling in love again. This doorbell features an all metal body in brushed silver (so perfect for midcentury homes) or bronze (appropriate for the Craftsman and Victorian homeowners out there). The cool colors are present in glowing rings around the button and base. Non-illuminated options ($48) exist for those who like a less obtrusive statement at the front door.

Also new from Spore is the delightful Ring, a door chime whose brisk PING-PING has a vintage sound that will make you smile. You can listen to it on the Spore website.

In San Francisco, Spore products are available at Hundley Hardware or 100watt Network or visit http://www.shopspore.com/.

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