The Book of iPad


The iPad and old-fashioned books make nice.

First it was the internet, then it was the Kindle, and now we can add the iPad to the list of deviant devices that will crush the publishing industry. Well, as a writer, I’ve come to realize that it’s not my words that are under attack, but just the pretty little packages that they came in. Long Live Books (I sure like that name for starters) has offered up a truce that may satisfy both technophiles and bibliophiles. It’s called the Book, and no, it’s not the passionate testimony of publishing’s next prophet, it’s simply a lovely, bound hardcover that perfectly holds whatever device you’ve chosen to transport your words, be they New York Times articles or Dan Brown’s latest beach read. The Book comes in three sizes, to fit a laptop, Kindle or iPad, and will fit right in up on your shelf next to your Vonnegut and Brontë.

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