The Musings of a Nutty Professor


Check out this Sci-Fi Artwork by Sci-ARC professor Coy Howard.

If you are keen on sci-fi or impressed by futuristic architecture, head to L.A.’s Harbor College Fine Arts Gallery for avant-guarde architect and Sci-ARC professor Coy Howard’s latest exhibit, ‘From Hand to Mouse / From Furniture to Architecture.’
Thirty 13-by-13-inch images (on sale from $500–$3,000) each displayed behind a mauve curtain present digitally rendered views into three different buildings that exist only in Howard’s mind. The intimacy created by standing inside the curtain and the sense of wonder marked by the highly textured and detailed images make the experience as dramatic as the artwork. There are also a collection of Howard’s innovative furniture designs on display. 
Howard’s perception of the future won’t abandon anyone in a strange space, but will edge the viewer closer to see how this new world blurs memories, desires and anticipation.
‘From Hand to Mouse / From Furniture to Architecture’ is curated by Gallery Director and painter Ron Linden and runs through May 7. Gallery hours are Monday – Thursday, 11 AM – 4 PM, and by appointment. For additional information, please call 310-600-4873.

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