Secret Source for DIY Inspiration


I’ve got a shameful secret to share: I truly adore wedding blogs. Oh I know, it doesn’t sound quite so bad, and in fact it would all be well and good if I was actually planning a wedding, but as someone who is not currently enfianced–and worse, has a boyfriend–this could get me quickly categorized as a stage 5 clinger. But before you alert my significant other that he’s dating a crazy, let me explain. I swear I’m not picking out my color scheme or hatching the perfect centerpiece; it’s just that as a source for design projects, wedding websites are hard to beat.

Take this pretty succulent planter with manzanita branch from Nonpariel: The site calls it a “wishing tree centerpiece”, my single mind thinks, “eco-chic necklace holder”. The succulents are not only pretty but astonishingly forgiving when it comes to water and care, and a suitable manzanita branch can be picked up on your next desert trip or through sources online. For full instructions on putting it together, click over to Nonpariel–just make sure your boyfriend doesn’t catch you there.

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