Top 10 Design and Home Decor Blogs for Beginners


Whether you’re bringing your home into the new millennium, or just starting on your Web 2.0 journey, here are the top design and home decor blogs CH+D editors say you have to be reading.

When I first started interning for CH+D this past January, Ikea was the extent of my modern design knowledge. After browsing many great design blogs, I quickly learned about new stores with cutting-edge tastes, fun DIY ideas and interior design inspiration galore. I’ve asked the CH+D editors what their favorite design and home decor blogs are and here are the results:



Almost all of the CH+D editors are among the 60,000 daily readers of Design Sponge. Founded in 2004 as the “Martha Stewart Living for Millennials,” this popular blog reviews everything from books to bars, as well as original DIY projects and recipes. The site has a craft-chic look and still manages to be what I consider the most user-friendly blog on the list.




Apartment Therapy is the mother lode, with so much to look at, your only problem will be remembering you have a life outside of this site. Truly a community, this blog regularly accepts user-generated content and boasts individual sites for six major U.S. cities: NYC, SF, L.A., Chicago, D.C., and Boston. It’s so popular, it could win American Idol.



If you’re more interested in the professional side of the design industry, the award-winning DeZeen blog will show you all you need to know. The easy-to-browse site covers the most influential products and people from Tokyo to Cape Town, covering topics from architecture to transportation. It also has job postings for interns to specialists.



With no other way to describe its content, The Cool Hunter earns its use of the word “cool.” Established to promote the undeniably beautiful, rather then the trendy, this blog exposes design as art, letting professional photos of cutting-edge products take center stage.



Real estate is what makes this blog stand out among the others on this list. Curbed keeps on eye on the latest housing, architecture and design news in SF, L.A., NYC and the Hamptons. Outdoing other multi-city blogs, Curbed makes its content searchable down to the neighborhood. It also has sister sites including Eater, which covers restaurants, and Racked, which is about the fashion industry. 



Oh Joy! is the blog you visit when you need a quick shot of inspiration. The site’s unique focus on textiles informs its coverage of accessories and fashion resulting in images that can help you pick a color palette. My favorite recurring topic, “this & that,” connects cross-industry trends.



Design Milk will nourish the bones of your modern design sense with fresh ideas on home furnishings, art and technology. If you are passionate about music, this design blog has a regular column that makes the connection between the two worlds; “Music & Design” is dedicated to decor born out of music such as poster and album art.



If you read fashion magazines, then you’ll love Style Hive. Hip and knowledgeable, this blog covers the latest styles in fashion, beauty and home decor. Covering major labels, celebrity influences and the almighty vintage, Style Hive can be the blog between you and your girlfriends.



Shelterrific is a home-centered blog for those of us out there who love to take care of the place we live. Written from a personal perspective, Shelterrific dishes about the best products and latest advice on everything from beekeeping to gift ideas.



There are many personal design blogs we love, but Making it Lovely is perfect for those of you taking on the great task of renovation. Since 2007, this blog has chronicled one woman’s creative journey to transform her home from so-so to so great.

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