Celebrate Cesar Chavez Day


There’s still time to join in the Cesar Chavez Day celebration. Here are some last minute arts and design-minded suggestions as well as things you can do through April to honor the civil rights leader.

There has been a lot of action this month, from annual  parades to marches calling for immigration reform, all in honor of Cesar Chavez Day—which is officially recognized on Chavez’s birthday today. The holiday, which is currently observed in only 11 states, is also known as the Cesar Chavez Day of Service, and there are a few things arts and design lovers can still do to get involved. Don’t forget to let us know what you end up doing.

3/31 | Long Beach City College | Long Beach

From 2–4 p.m., LBCC’s Coalition for Latino Advancement will host a screening and discussion of “Made in L.A.,” the award-winning documentary about three Latina immigrants who fight for basic labor rights while working in the garment sweatshops of L.A. Click here for more information.


3/31-4/30 | Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels | L.A.

One of the cathedral’s chapels is playing host to “Cesar Chavez: A Spiritual Man of Family, Peace and Action,” a photography exhibit that features the work of Victor Aleman, who worked alongside Chavez for 10 years. Aleman’s photographs gain insight into the deeply religious aspect of Chavez that motivated his actions towards equality. Click here for directions. More information on the exhibit is given on the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation website.


4/3 | Youth Action Project | San Bernardino

For those of you with green thumbs and minds for renovation, YAP is hosting their third annual Cesar Chavez Day of Service with a clean up and restoration of the Provisional Accelerated Learning Center (PAL) Community Park—which is in dire need of rescuing. The playground equipment is unsafe and outdated, the landscaping is neglected and graffiti covers its benches, walls and restrooms. Click here to help and/or donate.



If you only have time to browse online, then check out SF Gate‘s photo gallery, “Remebering Cesar Chavez,” which has gripping shots of Chavez in action during various protests, hunger strikes, and much more.

Ongoing Support

Sign the petition to make Cesar Chavez Day a national holiday. Cesar Chavez Day is only recognized in 11 U.S. States, but Chavez’s accomplishments continue to help farm workers across the country. For more ways to get involved in the ongoing battle for farm workers’ rights, visit the United Farm Workers (UFW) site.

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